Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Book Giveaway

It's that time of year again, breast cancer awareness month and for many people this hits close to home.

So to honor the month we're holding a Breast Cancer Awareness Book Giveaway!!!  * yayayay*

First...the prizes!!
1st Prize- 25$ to a book of your choice from the book despository. ( anyone can join where ever the despository ships to)

2nd prize- 2 winners can pick one of these books: (only open to people with US addresses (sorry))
The Replacements
Beautiful Darkness

Now the Rules:
This will be a different kind of giveaway though. You don't have to follow this blog, or even follow on twitter.
 To enter all you have to do is donate to this great cause: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer foundation.
Entries: ( also comment with your name and email for notification)
1$=  1 entries
2$= 3 entries
5$=  6 entries
10$= 15 entries
                Please visit my Making Strides page  and click the donate button. Please spread the word around as well.  For every 50$ donated I will add another winner for the 2nd prize.

Lets help make it so now one will have to hear " You have breast cancer."

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